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Friday, May 27, 2011

Business from Passion?

For once, my idea-spinning brain is working on a single project, for the most part. A good part of my ideas are way ahead of myself, but lists of what I need to start are gathering steam. My idea: A sushi stand, which will hopefully become successful enough to become a sushi restaurant then a chain! =D

So far, I've decided to make it slightly more difficult and make it Gluten-Free and only use American made products where possible. It already occurred to me I should have a separation between the equipment used for shellfish and that used for everything else. I've looked up the state application for a food license.

The idea is to start by being one of those trailer-food vendors at fairs and such, so I need to research fees for setting up and make sure I take that into account. I am considering making my own trailer, since most food service trailers come with much more than I need. I need the double-triple sink and a separate hand sink required for the license, I need refrigeration for both the ingredients and the end product, counter-space to put my rolls together and some cabinets to keep the shelf-stable ingredients and the serving dishes/chopsticks.

The hardest part will be getting nice-looking disposable sushi trays made in America (from my initial searches), and I doubt I can get 'local' rice. Nari is already made using seaweed from Maine, so I'm hoping to find a local producer. I'm going to continue my research for American made equipment and supplies. Here is a list of things I'm looking for, if you know someone who produces any of these in America, or who would be willing to work with me to get what I need, send me a note!

Start-up Equipment
Refrigerated Prep Table (looks like ~$1500)
Trailer with cabinets/sinks/outlets and, of course, at least one sales window/door!
Cash register (~$100)

Hard-to-find US made Consumables (Hoping for <$0.50/unit cost)
Disposable sushi trays (preferably biodegradable)
Packets of wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce (Gluten-Free!)
Disposable chopsticks
E-Z chopsticks (ok, these might be more then 50 cents per unit, but these would be a billable item, so give me a try!)
Smoked Eel (haven't looked yet, but I know I can't find it in the grocery store)

So, I won't be making any purchases until I get together my business plan, but I can't do that without my list of proposed suppliers and costs for startup. ^.^

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